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Position: COO/Program Director Location: Cocoa, Florida Shift: Favourite Genres: Pop, Alternative, Old School, Rhythmic, Rock, Indi Favourite Band(s): Prince, Hoobastank, Mamas and Poppas, Carpenters, About Me: Dan Butler has over 20 years experience broadcasting and djing. He is from Ohio and loves ALL types of music. His philosphy on radio is simple…..GIVE THE LISTENER WHAT […]

Position: Social Media Director Location: Shift: Favourite Genres: A little bit of everything Favourite Band(s): The Carpenters, The Doors, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson About Me: Bio coming soon!!

Position: Operations Manager Location: Shift: Favourite Genres: Rock and Heavy Metal Favourite Band(s): Godsmack and Sevendust About Me: I love rock and metal so I will play some great tunes that will keep you from driving 55! Thanks Sammy Hagar! LOL I am originally from the Jersey Shore (not like the bennys from MTV) and […]

Position: The Voice Of PZR Location: Burnsville, North Carolina Shift: No Scheduled Shifts Favourite Genres: 70’s and 80’s formatted music Favourite Band(s): Alabama, Aretha Franklin, Barry White, Billy Joel, Billi Holiday, Blondie, Cher, Disco Music, Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Sir Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Isaac Hayes, Heart. Jennifer Holiday, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Rod Stewart, Ronnie […]

Position: Chief Financial Officer/Co-Owner Location: Castleton On The Hudson About Me: Robert is our Chief Financial Officer at Power 91. He ensures that the bills are paid and we continue to bring you the best music on the internet! Because of his contributions to the station, it has been decided to make Robert a co-owner […]

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