‘Resident Evil’ Trailer: ‘The Final Chapter’ For The Most Successful Video Game Movie Series

Written by on August 11, 2016

Courtesy of Forbes.com

We’ve talked a lot about video game movies and how Hollywood has mostly failed for the last twenty-three years to make a viable top-tier franchise from a video game property. But there is one quasi-exception. Sony’s Resident Evil franchise isn’t just the exception to the rule in terms of video game movies, it is something of an anomaly in any number of ways.

First of all, it’s a (now) six-film series in an era when many would-be franchises top out at two or three. And it’s actually ending on its own terms, which, reboot or no, is almost heartwarming in this day-and-age. It’s also the only live-action video game-based film property to get more than one live-action theatrical sequel. With Paul W.S. Anderson directing four out of the six installments and writing all six of them, this franchise has a stamp of authorship that is becoming all the rarer in our brand-driven franchise world. And did I mention that it’s an R-rated series that has thrived in a distinctly PG-13 environment?

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