Interested in being a part of station management?
We are looking for a Music Director, Social Media Director, Assistant Social Media Director and Assistant Program Director.



Assistant Program Director – The Assistant Program Director is one of the most important people at a radio station, because the Assistant Program Director is the person who is second to the Program Director and is able to make decisions when the Program Director is unavailable.

Music Director – The Music Director or M.D. is the person who handles a radio station’s music library. He or she works closely with the Program Director (who we’ll get to shortly) to help choose which recordings will ultimately be played on-air. In addition to shaping the tone of the station, the M.D. is also responsible for: Taking most of the incoming calls from record labels and musicians, networking and connecting with representatives from the music industry and coming up with ideas for contests, promotions, giveaways, and other projects that can give the station a publicity and marketing boost.

Social Media Director – The Social Media Director is the one in charge of all of our social media accounts. This person is responsible for making sure that there is timely and socially relevant material on our social media accounts.

Assistant Social Media Director – Much like the Social Media Director, the Assistant Social Media Director assists in making sure that all social media accounts are updated with timely and socially relevant content


PLEASE NOTE – These positions are the heartbeat of our station and do require some time commitment. Also if you are chosen for one of these positions, you are being trusted with sensitive information that cannot be distributed whatsoever. If you are found in violation, you will be terminated without question or comment.


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