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Written by on February 4, 2017

Recently our very own DJ Susie Sky, whose real name is Susanne Brown was interviewed by . Here is some of the interview. To read more, please CLICK HERE.

I was actually originally a  radio presenter and one day decided start in the deep end as an extra so I joined  in  doing unpaid roles  and progressed and  developed into larger and   better  roles from there in tv and modelling as well.

Did you study acting
I never studied acting I did try a singing  career and  auditioned  for xfactor and then  decided despite the huge following I wanted to try  something new out and  become an extra in T V and film and things began from that  ever since.

What acting technique do you use
I use both method  and improvisation but I do also use a technique where I learn a couple of lines from a script at a time  rather than trying to stress out  by learning a huge script that way I end up knowing the entire script of my part by then the other method I tried was to video myself reading the script out to check I am in character in it  with the emotion etc  depending on the part  I am  auditioning or learning  the script for.

What wrong impressions do actors hold about acting
I would say too much ego even though it’s good to be confident but not too confident as  having a  huge ego will destroy your performance or any chance of getting any opportunities offered.


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Here are some links to learn more about Susanne:

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