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Welcome to the internet home of Power 91, where the GREATEST Music Lives. We are a multi genred station broadcasting worldwide online and at 91.1 FM in Saint Sault Marie, Michigan. Playing music from all genres and decades.

    PZR 91.1 FM is NOW Power 91!

    For the better part of two years, you have to know us as PZR 91.1 FM. We love you for that!

    Now we have decided to add something fresh and memorable. You may have noticed that a new logo adorns our website and social media pages.

    We have become the NEW Power 91! Same GREAT station, same GREAT music that you love just with a cool name that you will be sure to remember and tell your friends and family!

    We hope you will continue to support Power 91 for years to come!

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    Thank you to our loyal following

    I would like to say thank you to each and everyone who made PZR 91.1 FM a part of their life over the last two years. Your support means a lot.

    When myself, Kimberly and Tim started PZR two years ago, it was just a dream and also a risk. We did not know if it would last or not. We took the leap and went with it.

    No matter what has happened, we have always managed to survive and that would not have been possible without our loyal listeners and the Indie Artists who chose to showcase their music on the station.

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    PZR To Celebrate 2 Years On Air!

    We are happy and proud to announce that on August 1, 2017, we will celebrate 2 years on air!!

    It is hard to believe that at this time 2 years ago, we were putting the finishes touches on the planning of our worldwide debut/premiere!

    We started out as Power Zone Radio and about 9 months later, we were graced with an FM transmitter based in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan. That prompted us to change the name of our station to what it is now - PZR 91.1 FM!

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    DJ J-Man joins PZR

    A big welcome to DJ J-Man, the newest addition to the PZR Family!

    J-Man will be jammin GREAT music EVERY Sunday from 4 - 6 PM ET!!


    Check out his profile here on PZR91FM.com


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    Dan E. Dangerously out of retirement?

    This morning on PZR 91.1 FM, we heard a familiar voice that we have not heard in some time on the station - Dan E Dangerously who seems to come out of his self imposed retirement!

    "I missed the feel of being behind the mic and of course, the rush that music gives me" says Dan E "We will see what the future holds, but there will definitely more shows on the horizon."

    Stay tuned as we learn more and see if Dan E takes up a regular spot here on PZR.




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